17-19 SEPTEMBER 2017
1,000 +
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3rd Annual Commemoration of the September 18th WARP Summit LOGO
It’s more than just a conference. Over 1,000 leaders and citizens will come together for 3 days of intensive networking and celebration while developing an action agenda for world peace and cessation of war that reflects global citizens’ hopes and aspirations.

Everyone has a role in the peace-building process, so this Summit will provide all groups with a platform to share ideas and create concrete strategies for developing cooperation for peace. Such idea is also clearly reflected in this year’s slogan “Together for peace as messengers of peace”, which shows the determination of all participants to work together for a world of peace and cessation of war.

In today’s interconnected society, comprehensive cooperation among various sectors is essential for building a just, sustainable, and peaceful future. To discuss establishing collaborative governance between governments and civil societies, the 3rd Annual Commemoration of the September 18th World Alliance of Religions’ Peace (WARP) Summit will be held with the following objectives:

To develop the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) into a legally binding form
To develop education and a culture of peace
To foster harmony amongst religions

Three Things We’re Looking Forward to at the WARP Summit 2017


Establishing Collaborative Governance for Peace

Discussion and sincere cooperation is necessary for establishing a network of peace that has the power to make a difference in the world. For this reason, various sessions and panel discussions will be held to allow government representatives and civil society actors to share their thoughts and give suggestions regarding the advancement of the DPCW.


Finding Inspiration

Keynote speakers of each session and event are chosen not only for their expertise in their related fields but for their passion and efforts to inspire the audience to dedicate themselves to the agenda for the achievement of peace. Participants will be able to connect to the personal stories of these keynote speakers and develop a similar passion to put effort into achieving the ultimate goal of peace.


Experiencing the True Culture of Peace

Regardless of individual backgrounds, a culture of peace that fosters understanding and harmony will be established especially at the Grand World Peace Festival that involves various performances and cultural events. In the spirit of the ceremony, peoples from all nations, ethnicities, religions, and walks will become one through a heart yearning for peace.


Actors of the global community come together in support of the legislation of peace


Location: Chrysanthemum, Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas

Press Conference for the 3rd Annual Commemoration of September 18th WARP Summit Seoul 2017

The press conference will announce official statements to journalists on the meaning of 3rd Annual Commemoration of September 18th WARP Summit and peace activities by HWPL. Through this, achievements of HWPL peace projects will also be introduced. In order to facilitate participation in advocacy and support for cessation of war and international law for peace, we ask for journalists to join in spreading news of peace.

Location: Orchid, Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas

5th HWPL International Law Peace Committee Meeting: Legislate Peace Together

The 5th HWPL International Law Peace Committee Meeting will be held to discuss the topic, “Seeking ways to make the DPCW a reality for the peaceful present and future.” The meeting will be attended by high government officials such as former and current heads of state, ministers, speakers, and chief justices, civil society representatives, and members of the HWPL International Law Peace Committee.

HWPL proclaimed the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) on 14 March 2016, and held the 4th HWPL International Law Peace Committee Meeting during the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit. It was an opportunity to understand and appreciate the value of the DPCW, and since then, those who attended the meeting have been pursuing strategies to submit the DPCW to the United Nations over the past year.

The 5th Meeting will be held to share the outcomes of the efforts undertaken over the past year and to discuss strategies for carrying out peace activities, peace education, and legislation. Moreover, this meeting will lay the foundation for developing the DPCW into an agreement between States.

Location: Grand Ballroom, Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas 5th Floor

2017 Conference for the Implementation of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War
Development and implementation of the DPCW through the establishment of peace governance

The heightened violent extremism caused by conflicts among nations, ethnicities, faiths, and ideologies has become a threat to the global community as a whole. The fact that the danger of war is no longer limited to only specific regions or organizations calls for the establishment of a peace governance based on close cooperation of all members of the global community.

Toward this goal, the 2017 Conference for the Implementation of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War aims at establishing a system of peace by bridging MNOs (including the United Nations), government bodies, the religious sector, women's groups, youth groups, and civil society. The conference will also include how to implement the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War.

The conference will serve as a platform for the connection of governments and citizens to bring about a strengthened network that spans a broader spectrum across the globe and, in turn, plays a key role in achieving peace and harmony.

Location: IRIS, Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas

Peace Education Development Forum for Spreading a Culture of Peace

HWPL has worked to spread a culture and spirit of peace in order to leave peace as a legacy for future generations. To help children and youth mature into peace-loving citizens of the world, HWPL has provided peace education on the following core values: the sanctity of human life, loyalty and filial piety, and coexistence and sustainability.

During the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit in 2016, education experts including ministers of education came together and reaffirmed that education is an important key to resolving global security issues.

During this year’s 3rd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit, Peace Education Development Forum for Spreading a Culture of Peace will be held to discuss ways to make the peace education content more concrete. This forum will serve as an opportunity to realize that it is the mission of all educators to nurture peace leaders of the future and to stand at the forefront of spreading a culture of peace.

Location: Chrysanthemum, Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas

Conference for Global Peace Media Network: Freedom of the Press and International Peace Media Community Initiative

The Conference Global Peace Media Network will be held with the two major topics as follows:
1) The Role of Journalists in Spreading a Culture of Peace
- Active engagement in peace campaigns by HWPL (signing campaign for advocacy of the DPCW and annual peace walk).
- Building a network of journalists for peace journalism and the HWPL Media Forum.
- Peace education for future journalists and government officials.

2) Constructing a Global Peace Media Network
- Opening a website for publishing global peace-related news reports, articles, commentaries, and op-eds.
- Contribution of articles about current events in conflict areas, concentrating on conflict resolution for the purpose of peacebuilding.
- Providing a web space called "Special Focus" to offer in-depth news reports on contemporary issues of peacebuilding that require special attention from the global community.


Location: Stadium, Seoul

3rd Annual Commemoration of the September 18th WARP Summit

Location: Orchid, Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas

3rd International Religious Leaders’ Conference: Cooperation for the Realization of Religious Peace

Even though the world is suffering from violence and war occurring in many parts of the world due to different ideologies between religions, many peace-loving religious leaders have been working toward understanding and harmony at the WARP Offices to resolve conflicts that arise due to religion. In addition, religious leaders participate in the International Religious Leaders’ Conference every year at the WARP Summit, and have actively participated in building the foundation for the Alliance of Religions.

At the 3rd International Religious Leaders’ Conference, there will be a presentation of the Standards of a Trustworthy Scripture that the religious leaders at the WARP Offices have been exploring over the past year, and there will be a time to share how these activities can achieve religious peace.

This conference will be a forum to provide the most effective and fundamental solution that only religious leaders can do to achieve peace.

Location: Rose, Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas

Region-Specific Discussion for the Implementation of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War

This session will serve as the platform for discussions on how to better implement in different regions and nations the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) examined at the 5th HWPL International Law Peace Committee Meeting.

Discussions on various methods of implementation will take place. Examples include strategies to increase awareness on the declaration including introducing education courses based on the DPCW in universities; ways to legislate laws such as those for harmony among ethnicities and peaceful coexistence to incorporate the DPCW in national laws; and plans to carry out cultural programs in partnership with central and local governments.

The session will be an opportunity to strengthen peace networks of governments and regional societies, and add to the momentum of the activities conducted to realize the DPCW and its support.

Location: Orchid, Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas

2017 IWPG Network Forum

Women, who account for a half of the population in the globe, have a power to change the world. The power is called maternal love. When women consolidate each other as one, a world of peace as a legacy for future generation is possible.

The 2017 IWPG Network Forum provides an opportunity for women leaders around the world to seek cooperation in 3.6 billion women for advocacy and support on establishing the international law for peace for cessation of war and world peace.