Time Program Details
14:00 - 15:00 Press Conference Official Press Conference with International Media for World Alliance of Religions' Peace Summit
15:00 - 17:00 Conference Preliminary Meeting of IPYG Youth Leaders
● Attendees:
Representatives of 200 IPYG affiliate organizations
17:30 - 18:30 Pre-Event Meeting of Former and Current Heads of State Preliminary Meeting of World Leaders for World Peace and the Cessation of War
● Attendees:
-Former and Current Heads of State, PrimeMinisters, Premiers, First Ladies, Heads of Parliaments, Chief Justices, Executive Director of the ICD, Foreign National Broadcasting Stations
18:30 - 21:00 VIP Welcoming Banquet ● Schedule
- Welcoming Reception
- HWPL Chairman's Welcoming Address
- IWPG Chairwoman's Welcoming Address
- Congratulatory Address

Press Conference

Proclaiming the beginning of WARP Summit with Press Conference

A press conference was held on September 16 at the Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul, marking the start of the official schedule of the WARP Summit. Nearly 200 foreign reporters from over 100 broadcasting stations around the world, such as NBC in the U.S., Al Jazeera, Capa TV in France, and SABC in South Africa, attended the press conference. As the peace events at the Summit unfolded thereafter, the reporters seized each opportunity to create news coverage of these scenes for the entire world to see.

Preliminary Meeting of World Leaders

Uniting world leaders under the sole purpose of establishing and implementing practical solution to peace

Solely for the purpose of peace, the heads of state attended the convention on the renunciation and cessation of wars and international armed conflicts. Leaders from around the world such as the former and current presidents, presidential envoys, UN representatives, and chief justices attended this unprecedented summit hosted and led by a nongovernmental organization. The leaders deeply agreed with the message of Chairman Lee of HWPL saying that “For world peace, religions should unite as one and an article in an international law for peace that ensures the cessation of wars and armed conflicts should be considered.” The participants concluded that this is a practical and clear solution to peace that is incomparable to other peace movements and ideas that had emerged thus far.

Preliminary Meeting of IPYG Youth Leaders

Youths are seeking guidance from Chairman Lee to speak out to protect their lives from future armed conflicts

The International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) held a conference for over 500 youth representatives from 134 countries. At the conference, the youth representatives adopted a resolution in support of the two goals of the WARP Summit: proposing an article on convention on the renunciation of international armed conflicts and the alliance of religions. The youths read the peace resolution in front of Chairman Lee, the host of the WARP Summit and the mentor for the youths around the world, expressing their respect for him who inspires them to pursue peace.

Time Program Details
13:30 - 15:00 Welcoming Reception ● Attendees: Religious leaders representing different faiths
15:00 - 19:00 Opening Ceremony Opening Ceremony

1. Opening Video
2. Entrance Ceremony
3. Card-Section Performance
4. HWPL Chairman Video
5. HWPL Chairman's Opening Speech
6. IWPG Video
7. IWPG Chairwoman's Speech
8. IPYG Video
9. IPYG President's Speech
10. Congratulatory Messages from 10 Honored Guests
11. Opening Declaration of the WARP Summit

1) "Dance of Peace, Festival of Light"
2) "World is One"

Opening Ceremony of the WARP Summit

Beginning of an unprecedented peace festival that demonstrated the determination of participants who united for peace

The opening ceremony of the WARP Summit was held at the Main Stadium of Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul on September 17th 2015. The gate of peace was opened, and representatives from various part of society entered the stadium. First, 150 youth group leaders from 100 countries entered alongside the Director of IPYG, Mr. Steve Kim. Next, 100 women leaders from 50 countries and religious leaders representing 12 different denominations followed on with their march. Following them, former and current heads of state, first ladies, UN representatives, and chief justices entered the stadium. Finally, the Peace Advocate Mr. Man Hee Lee, Chairman of HWPL, and Ms. Nam Hee Kim, Chairwoman of IWPG, entered the stadium together. The opening ceremony was broadcasted live to the whole world through simultaneous interpretations provided in English, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish. Approximately 200,000 people participated in the opening ceremony to be a part of this unprecedented festival of peace.

Card-section Performance of 12,000 IPYG Members

Delivering powerful message of peace presented by youths to move the hearts of the audience

12,000 IPYG members conveyed the message of peace by performing a grand card-section at the opening ceremony of the WARP Summit. They displayed messages about the tasks necessary to achieve the cessations of war and world peace, both in Korean and English. The performance brought forth questions such as “Who benefits from wars?”, “What is war for?”, and captured the whole stadium in solemnity. These are the messages Mr. Lee has delivered while traveling the world, urging people in religion, politics, and media to fulfill their duties for peace. This performance moved the hearts of the audience and displayed their strong desire for peace.

Opening Address

Underlining the significance of holding such peace festival to open up the opportunities for collaborative efforts for World Peace

Mr. Man Hee Lee deplored through his opening address by saying, “Throughout the history of mankind, young people lost their lives at the frontlines of wars without ever having the chance to live their lives in full.” He also urged, “Let people of religion open up to each other and work together to unite religions as one. Let us create a world of peace.” Ms. Nam Hee Kim said in her speech, “This WARP Summit is the best work the mankind can do for world peace.” The Director of IPYG, Mr. Steve Kim, also delivered a speech to gather everyone’s strength for peace.

World Peace Parade

An ideal scenery of participants walking hand in hand, transcending the boundaries of ethnicity, religions, borders, and ideologies

The opening ceremony ended with a parade and distinguished world leaders joined the finale of the festival, wishing for the successful “World Alliance of Religions”. The band led the parade in the front, and the political and religious leaders followed, wholly captivated by the festival of peace. The finale of the grand peace festival moved the hearts of the whole world.

Time Program Details
10:00 - 10:15 Welcoming Address Welcome Address
10:15 - 11:30 Main Session 1 The World Alliance of Religions
11:30 - 13:00 Main Session 2 The Cessation of War and World Peace
13:00 - 13:30 Agreement Signing Ceremony The Signing Ceremony of the World Alliance of Religions Agreement and Commemorative Photographing
13:30 - 14:30 Luncheon Luncheon
15:00 - 17:00 Group Session 1 Group Session 1-1
16:30 - 18:30 Group Session 2 Group Session 2-1
18:30 - 19:00 Closing Ceremony Closing Ceremony

Main Session

World leaders, delivering inspiring speeches in search of peaceful resolution to end present conflicts and encourage other world leaders to join

On September 18th, leaders from various sectors of society came together once again at the Grand Ballroom of the 63 Building Convention Center to share their thoughts on topics such as “Conflicts and Peace” and “Cessation of War and World Peace”. Mr. Man Hee Lee and Ms. Nam Hee Kim gave speeches with numerous VIP guests in attendance including presidents and ambassadors from various countries around the world. Also in attendance were the former president of Bosnia-Herzegovina, the former president of Romania, and other prominent leaders who shared speeches regarding the cessation of international armed conflicts and the establishment of world peace.

Signing Ceremony for Unity of Religion Agreement

Religious leaders signing the Unity of Religion Agreement to show their earnest pledge to collaborate for establishing peace

Representing the main religions of the world, religious leaders from different denominations came forward to unify all religions to achieve world peace, transcending even sectarian and denominational differences. Approximately 950 people participated on the day of the Unity of Religion Agreement Ceremony including Mr. Lee and Ms. Kim, along with fourteen top-level religious leaders of the world. All of the participants declared before the Creator, all the people of the world, and the Peace Advocate by proclaiming, “All religions must become one under the name of God” and “We, along with all the people of the world, agree upon the Unity of Religions and to play an active role in actualizing world peace”.

Signing of Agreement to Propose the Enactment of an International Law for the Cessation of War and World Peace

Seeking the practical solution to establish World Peace through signing the Agreement to Propose the Enactment of an International Law for the Cessation of War and World Peace

28 World leaders including former presidents, prime ministers, UN representatives, chief justices, and others participated in a grand ceremony of signing the peace agreement. “The Agreement to Propose the Enactment of an International Law for the Cessation of War and World Peace”, which was presented with the Unity of Religion Agreement, provided a practical method to achieve world peace by urging the world’s political leaders and government officials to actively participate in such movement.

IWPG Network 2014

Holding a peace agreement ceremony after networking with women around the world with loving hearts of mothers

The 2014 International Women’s Peace Group Network was a gathering of women leaders who work with vitality, tolerance, and the heart of mothers at the frontline of the peace movement worldwide. About 300 women leaders from 101 different countries participated in this conference, for the purpose of achieving peace through women of the global community. A peace agreement ceremony also took place for 35 global women leaders as they signed to protect the world with the light of peace, and to be at the frontline of peace movement for the future generations.

Time Program Details
10:30 - 11:30 Proclamation Ceremony Proclamation Ceremony of Alliance of Religions and World Peace Walk
11:30 - 13:00 Peace Walk Alliance of Religions and World Peace Walk
13:00 - 14:00 Lunch Lunch
14:30 - 16:00 Press Conference Post-Event Press Conference

World Peace Walk

Marching together hand in hand for the path of promising future ahead and celebrating the great success of the four-day Summit

In the morning of September 19th, the World Peace Walk took place in front of the World Peace Gate in Olympic Park. Political, religious, and women leaders who participated in the Summit, along with 650 youth groups from 139 nations, walked together to proclaim the news of the successful peace agreement. Before the peace walk began, four youth group leaders from Jordan, Palestine, and other regions delivered their commemorative speeches. They spoke about the results of the four-day Summit and showed their support. When Mr. Lee declared the beginning of the peace walk, 50,000 participants marched together hand in hand through the city of Seoul to congratulate the success of the WARP Summit.

Post-Event Press Conference

Urging the press to deliver these remarkable results of the Summit to the rest of the world and serving as the bridge to connect one another to become one in heart for cessation of wars

A press conference concluding the WARP Summit was held at Parktel Tower in Olympic Park. On this day, more than 100 reporters from 70 different media groups attended the conference and Mr. Lee concluded the events of the Summit by urging the media to carry out their duty as the press of peace. He emphasized to the foreign press by saying, “If we are one in heart, mankind can cease war. Then we can achieve world peace and leave it as a legacy to our future generations.”

Media Façade of Peace and Promise

Reaffirming the solidarity for peace movement through media façade

The last night of the WARP Summit promised stronger solidarity for the peace movement as the media façade magnificently decorated the outer walls of the Palace of Peace. Inspired by the laser show, the global leaders who attended were determined to work together with Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light.